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Legal Documentation

Please ensure to read the following legal documentation before opening a live trading account with GO Markets Pty Ltd.

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ASIC Regulatory Benchmarks

As part of our licensing requirements, GO Markets are required to adhere to key benchmarks set out by our corporate regulator, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission ("ASIC"). We consider it important to not only adhere to these benchmarks, but strive to achieve above and beyond what are considered to be minimum compliance requirements.

Hedging Policy

We may not hedge a client’s position or post the trade “straight through” (known as straight through processing, or STP) and instead, we set the prices at which we are prepared to deal with you. In some cases, client trades are 'hedged' by passing the equivalent volume of instrument traded through to a liquidity partner, thereby mitigating client risk resulting from adverse market movements. We also conduct regular surveillance of our client-to-liquidity provider exposure to ensure any discrepancies that may arise are corrected as appropriate. This may from time-to-time involve bulk purchases of a given currency, security or index with a liquidity partner which are generally infrequent and immaterial in size. It is also imperative to mitigate counterparty risk. In an effort to reduce this risk, GO Markets sources liquidity from Tier 1 or 2 partners.

Client Funds

Client funds are deposited into the National Australia Bank (NAB) where we have multiple client accounts in various currencies and they are segregated from business operating funds. NAB is an Australian Authorised Deposit-Taking Institution.

We ensure that we follow the guidelines set out in ASIC Regulatory Guide’s 212 and 227 and all client monies are reconciled on a daily basis.

Note that client funds may be used to fulfil our counterparty margining obligations, but they cannot be used to fund any business related expenditure such as office rent, utilities and employee payroll.

Margin Calls

GO Markets operates an automated 'Margin Call' mechanism in an effort to mitigate the risk of a client account falling into negative equity. In order to maintain a position or a trade, your cash balance after running losses (equity) must not fall below 50% of the required margin. A breach of this threshold will result in the closure of your position(s), with the largest losing position/trade closed first. Before your trade(s) is closed, a warning will be issued on your trading platform if your account equity breaches 80% of your margin required, by means of red highlighting on your trade(s).

While this automated margin call process acts as a protection for both client and provider, market volatility, particularly surrounding news events, may result in additional losses. Holding a trade over the weekend may increase the risk of a 'gap' in price action, thereby triggering a margin-call event at a lower level than the 50% threshold.

Dispute Handling

If at any stage you feel you wish to lodge a  dispute with GO Markets, please refer to our dispute handling page by clicking here.

Sales Promotion Terms & Conditions

Please view the terms & conditions of all sales promotions by clicking here.