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Q: My platform shows 'Trade Context is busy'.

A: Close and reload the platform. The error should go away.

Q: I can't place a stop loss or take profit order on my trade.

A: On market execution you cannot place your pending orders before execution of the entry order. After placing the trade you can add your stop/limit orders through the Terminal.

Q: My Expert Advisor is not taking any trades.

A: Check the Experts tab in the Terminal. If the EA is trying to place trades without success it will show an error number. Click here to download a PDF of all MT4 error codes.

Q: My Demo will not login.

A: Demo accounts expire after 30 days as standard. To get a new demo account, in the MT4 platform go to File>Open an account and you can generate a new login and password. You do not need to download the platform again.

Q: My account shows as invalid.

A: The message invalid account shows when the login or password information is incorrect. Please check your login, password and the server address.

Q: I cannot find the swap rates.

A: Go to the market watch area, right click and choose symbols. Click on the properties for a trading symbol and it will give you all details including the swap rates.

Q: Why can't I see all the currency pairs?

A: To view all currency pairs, right click on the market watch and then choose 'Show All'.

Q: I want to change my chart time.

A: The trading platform time cannot be changed. There are local time indicators availlable to download from the MetaQuotes community.