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Live Webinars

The GO gateway to trading success is a free online educational programme.

Learners Programme

Our learners webinar provides viewers with key concepts to get their trading started.

Areas covered: how to trade, when to buy and sell, understanding basic order types, positions, basic risk management and use of support and resistance lines (basic chart analysis).

  • Supporting materials will be provided to all attendees:
  • Free How To Trade E – Book by Chris Gore - Go’s head currency analyst
  • Free Infographics of how to use Go Markets trading tools

** Includes information on how to take advantage of Go’s support tools **
** Special guest speakers will be available for questions **

Advanced Programme

Our advanced programme provides viewers with ongoing educational support.
Areas covered: understanding chart points, key market indicators, risk management strategies and building a strategy.

Supporting materials will be provided to all attendees:

  • How to take advantage of Trading Central’s web portal
  • Free advanced trading strategies

** Both programmes will feature how to use Go’s award winning trading tools**
**All educators are certified by recognised regulatory authorities**

Coaching Programme

Go Markets can also organise free online coaching sessions each Tuesday evening from 8pm AEST.

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Once you've registered for the next webinar, why not begin your trading education by signing up for our risk-free demo account so you can start practising with the tools we provide you? 

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Coming Soon

Weekly Supporting Programmes

  • How to use the Meta trader 4
  • How to use Trading Central
  • How to use Auto Chartist

Live forex seminars and workshops

 NEW - Live trader Programme coming soon! Follow the experts as they place trades in real time.