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Trading Central

Recognised as one of the most sophisticated and trusted technical analysis tools around the world, Trading Central is now available to help you make better-informed trading decisions, whatever your level of trading experience is.

This powerful daily Forex technical analysis tool is provided free to all GO Markets’ live account holders and will be a worthwhile addition to your trading arsenal!

What is Trading Central?

A leading global specialist in providing technical analysis of the markets, Trading Central provides independent financial research aligned with investors’ interests. Its charts and reports cover not only past market performance, but it also looks ahead with analysis-led calls on how Trading Central’s experts predict markets to fluctuate in the future.

Trading Central focuses on emerging technical signals on a wide range of currency pairs, precious metals and indices, and continuously reviews trade scenarios that include entry and exit points

Why use Trading Central?

The extraordinary Trading Central is designed to help traders to optimise the timing of their trades and it caters to all types of users, from the novice to the most experience professional trader. It also covers the main financial markets including Forex, Fixed Income, Commodities, Equities and Indices.
As GO Markets’ clients, you have the choice to use Trading Central as a specific buy/sell trading tool or as a complementary service to your own trading strategies.

GO Trading Central has been specifically tailored to the needs of our clients to help guide and develop your future trading strategies.

What do I get?

  • Daily Newsletters

Delivered twice a day, this invaluable daily Forex technical analysis e-mail service provides you with visual and technical analysis e-newsletters that detail trading strategies, predictions, commentaries as well as key levels (support/resistance/target/stop pivots) on multiple time frames.

  • Trading Central’s Web Portal

A web-based application that enables you to access Trading Central’s global research directly as it updates technical levels, targets and time-frames on Forex, precious metals and Indices throughout the trading day. This award-winning research portal will allow you to receive up-to-the-minute technical analysis.

  • Trading Central’s Technical Analysis Plug-in

An easy to install, multilingual and customisable indicator for your GO MT4 platform, specifically designed to help you make informed investment decisions 24/5!

This unique indicator lets you display Trading Central’s technical analysis strategies, views and market commentaries, as well as Trading Central’s key levels (support/resistance/targets/stop pivots) directly on your MT4 platform, permitting you to execute orders based on Trading Central’s level directly from your MT4 live charts.


Want access to Trading Central now?

For free access to GO Trading Central, simply send your request through to us by submitting the online opt-in form found here and please remember to enter the offer code “GO TRADING CENTRAL”.

You may also send your request by contacting your account manager directly or simply email us at support@gomarkets.com.au

*To qualify for this free analysis tool, you must be a holder of GO Markets’ live trading account and have a minimum balance of $500 (or your account currency equivalent) in your trading account.
Don’t have a live account?

Don’t have a live account?


Trading Central’s Resources

For Trading Central’s online user manual, instructional videos and more, please visit our Trading Central’s resources page.