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VPS Solution - GO MAXX VPS

We understand how frustrating it can be to constantly monitor your trades and Expert Advisors from your home computer. With our Virtual Private Server ("VPS") solution service, traders no longer have to depend on their home computers and can now keep your GO Markets' MT4 platform running 24 hours a day without being subjected to downtime caused by electrical or computer problems - giving you improved trading speed, reliability and security.

With GO MAXX VPS solution, traders do not need to keep their own computers running at home when the markets are open, or depend on their internet or power connection as the platform runs on a remote server which is accessible at any time and from any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet.

Experience the real power.

Here at GO Markets, we are constantly striving to offer the most cutting edge technology to our clients.

Our VPS facility is co-located inside the "Equinix LD5-EFX1" or in the same datacentre as that of our trade-server and Tier-1 liquidity providers, and through cross connection and co-habitation of systems, we are able to offer the security and performance of an in-house VPS solution and the fastest MT4 platform solution possible!

Key Advantages:

Checkpoint.png Run automated trading strategies in the execution venue itself.
Checkpoint.png Run automated trading systems in a high-tech and trouble-free environment without the need for any additional computer hardware, Internet back-up or power supply.
Checkpoint.png Remote access to your trades - you can log in from anywhere, even if MT4 platform is not installed on the computer you're using.
Checkpoint.png Run your MT4 platform non-stop - traders can have their Algorithmic Trading ("Algo") or Expert Advisors ("EA") run 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, when the markets are open without being subjected to downtime caused by electrical or computer malfunctions, limited accessibility, unstable Internet connections, and unintentional interruptions.
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Trade in the heart of global liquidity.

Not only you will be able to execute your EAs quicker and easier, but one other main advantages of using GO MAXX VPS is having the VPS service co-located inside Equinix LD5-EFX1, the world's ultra-low latency FX suite which has direct, close proximity cross-connectivity to GO Markets' trade servers and is located just metres away from 70% of the world's FX liquidity.

This amazing technology infrastructure guarantees 99.99% uptime with sub 1 millisecond cross-connectivity between you and GO Markets' servers, leading to faster fills.

And by having all of our servers cross-connected, we remove the need for signals to be passed through the Internet via an ISP which in turn, removes the chances of data bottlenecks and lowers latency even further.

Your trade signal will, in many cases, be executed mere meters from where it originates - ensuring the best possible conditions for your EA.

Free as long as you meet the minimum trading requirements.

The GO MAXX VPS solution is available to all GO Markets' account holders and free of charge if you maintain a minimum balance of AUD 3000 (or your trading account currency equivalent) in your trading account every calendar month.

The price of the service is automatically calculated so if these minimum trading requirements are not met, a service fee of $30 will be charged to your trading account per month to cover the cost of maintaining the VPS service.

Traders can choose to cancel their VPS service at any time they wish. For more information on this offer, please click here.

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