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VPS Hosting

GO Expert VPS service in Equinix LD4- EFX1 

GO Markets are constantly striving to offer the most cutting edge technology to its clients. Our GO MAXX VPS (Virtual Private Server) facility is housed in the same datacentre as that of our trade-server and Tier-1 liquidity provider.  Through cross connection and co-habitation of systems, we are able to offer the fastest and most efficient pricing solution.

  • A Virtual Private Server (VPS) enables  FX traders to run automated trading strategies in the execution venue itself.
  • Algorithmic trading (“Algo”s) or Expert Advisors (“EA”s) in MetaTrader can run 24 hours a day / 7 days a week on GO MAXX VPS. Access the system via MetaTrader4, FIX or Binary connection
  • Having a VPS in place ensures that you can run your Automated Trading Systems in a high-tech, secure and trouble-free environment without the need for any additional computer hardware, back-up internet, or power supply.
  • A VPS gives you remote access to your FX trading. You can log in to your GO Markets trading platform from  anywhere, even  if MetaTrader4 is not installed on the computer you are using.

GO MAXX takes VPS service to the next level – Why use GO VPS?

  • The GO MAXX VPS  is available to GO EXPERT traders in the heart of global liquidity.
  • GO’s cutting edge VPS solution is co-located inside Equinix LD5-EFX1, the world’s premier ultra-low latency FX suite.  
  • LD5-EFX1 has direct, close-proximity cross-connectivity to GO’s trade servers and is located just metres away from 70% of the world’s FX liquidity.
  • This amazing technology infrastructure guarantees 99.99% uptime with sub 1 millisecond cross-connectivity between client and GO’s servers leading to faster fills.

Ultra Low Latency Cross-Connection

  • By having all our servers cross-connected, we remove the need for signals to be passed through the internet via an ISP. This removes the chances of data bottlenecks, and lowers latency further.
  • Your trade signal will, in many cases be executed mere meters from where it originates, so you can ensure the best possible conditions for an EA. By trading from within LD5, you are truly within the institutional grid!

GO’s state of the art GO MAXX VPS is offered exclusively to a very limited number of both new and existing GO account holders.  Contact us at support@gomarkets.com.au or click on 'Sign up for VPS Hosting' to set up your VPS today. For Australian based VPS solutions, please click here.